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Elsa Barbosa

Meet Elsa Barbosa– GPMTA Board Member


We recently caught up with Elsa, board member of the Greater Port Macquarie Tourism Association.

Elsa, share a little about yourself and your past and current endeavours?

I moved to Port Macquarie nearly 5 years ago to be with my partner David Lazarus who used to live here 20 years prior and came back to restart the Port Venture cruise operations newly named Port Adventure Cruises.

I have worked in hospitality most of my life, including a stint as a Travel Agent, l was also a Dental Therapist at one point.

When we moved to Port Macquarie, I felt an instant connection and because my partner David was well known from his previous time due to his entertainment business, it was easy for me to settle in from the first day I arrived.

Currently we are in the process of re-establishing our charter boat business after the couple of rough years that we have had to deal with just as so many other businesses have had to, with refreshed business plans, restructuring and operations.

Can you please share how you came to be on the board of Greater Port Macquarie Tourism Association.

Five years ago, I met Janette Hyde, who David has always had a great relationship with both business and personally.

Janette, as President of the GPMTA, and with her passion for the Tourism industry and the Greater Port Macquarie area encouraged our business to join the association.

The meetings we attend, are full of passionate business people who don’t only want their businesses to prosper, they are also interested in helping other businesses and the region. In October 2022, a position became available on the board, and I had no hesitation in nominating and thankfully was accepted.

What do you love the most about tourism in our region?

I know it is a cliché, but it’s “The Vibe”. Port Macquarie in my opinion, has got everything that is required for both tourists and locals to want to live and visit here. Most of the locals that now live here, were probably tourists at one stage and now that this town has recovered from a few natural disasters, it is important that everyone embraces this region and supports the tourism efforts that the GPMTA has promoted since its start over 30 years ago.

It is a fact of life that Port Macquarie is a tourist town and therefore needs tourists for the town and businesses to prosper further.

More tourists, means more jobs and more opportunities for the locals.