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Katie Turner

Katie Turner is a highly accomplished entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in navigating diverse business landscapes. As a seasoned founder, Katie has honed her expertise in creating dynamic digital strategies that transform online representations, making them professional, attractive, and effective in drawing ideal customers through targeted messaging and digital platform sales. Her ability to bridge the gap between customer experience, technical design, and the digital realm ensures seamless integration and impactful results for her clients.

Katie’s professional journey is marked by a series of successful ventures and leadership roles. She is the founder of DVine Experiences, where she develops and implements strategic plans to drive business growth and expand market presence. Her role involves overseeing the creation of unique tour packages, leading marketing efforts through various channels, and managing day-to-day operations to ensure customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

In addition to her work with DVine Experiences, Katie is the founder of Katie Turner Media (KTM), a consultancy that provides coaching services to SMEs and multinational companies. At KTM, Katie and her team deliver cutting-edge services in web design, SEO, social content, podcast, and video production. Her coaching approach focuses on systematic business strategies, encompassing vision clarification, information analysis, strategy formulation, and implementation. She empowers businesses to optimize their operations, increase profitability, and enhance their digital presence.

Katie’s innovative spirit is also evident in her creation of the Buckle Bandage, a product designed to prevent seatbelt burns for children. This invention, born out of a personal experience, has received extensive media coverage and reflects her commitment to solving real-world problems through practical solutions.

Her entrepreneurial achievements extend to co-founding The Pod Hub, a podcast and video recording studio that caters to the needs of various podcasters. Katie’s involvement in The Pod Hub includes venue selection, equipment procurement, marketing strategy, and ensuring optimal utilization of the recording space.

Katie’s academic background includes a Bachelor of Economics from Macquarie University, a Diploma in Business Management, and a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment. Her qualifications underpin her strategic approach to business and her ability to provide comprehensive advisory services.

As a board member of the Greater Port Macquarie Tourism Association, Katie leverages her extensive experience and strategic acumen to enhance the region’s tourism initiatives. Her innovative digital strategies, combined with her commitment to community engagement and sustainable business practices, make her an invaluable asset to the association. Katie’s dedication to driving positive change and fostering growth within the tourism sector underscores her role as a trusted leader and advisor.

Katie Turner
Founder @DVine Experiences
Founder @ Buckle Bandage
E: hello@dvinexperiences.com
Ph: +61 421 395 876