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Helen Mansfield – GPMTA Board Member

Meet Helen Mansfield – GPMTA Board Member

Meet Helen Mansfield – GPMTA Board Member
Helen has been a part of our local community for the past 10 years, and before that she spent many holidays in the area for over 30 years. She is currently on the board of Greater Port Macquarie Tourism Association.

Helen, tell us a little about yourself and your current and past endeavours.
Well, it’s been a wide and varied career journey and certainly not linear! I started my professional life as a primary school teacher and after 12 years of teaching transitioned to ministry as a Pastor. In 2020 I took a sabbatical year, to take a mid-life break and ponder my future, but it just so happened that Covid made my mind up for me! My husband and I had a little plot of land in the Camden Haven we used more as a family retreat but had future plans to open to the public. Those future plans were fast-tracked to the present and so we birthed Mansfield Estate eco-tourism resort. Having built a successful business, we handed over to our caretakers this year, and I was given the opportunity to work with Business NSW as their Regional Coordinator.

Can you please share how long and why you are on the board of Greater Port Macquarie Tourism Association.
I’ve been on the GPMTA board for just over two years now. I was invited to join by our incredible leader and Chair Janette Hyde. I wasn’t sure how much I could offer at first, as I hadn’t served on a board before. However, working with such a dynamic group of people I learned, it was not as onerous as I thought it would be. Our mandate is to advocate for and support our members and this resonated with my ministry background to serve and support people.

What do you love the most about tourism in our region?
Oh, my goodness, where do I start?! Obviously, there is the natural environment; beaches, mountains, forests, and lakes. Then there’s also so much to do like, zoos, adventure parks, escape rooms, river cruises, helicopter rides, movies, live music, theatre and the arts, sports, cultural walks, and festivals of all sorts. For the discerning culinary customers we have, wineries, award-winning restaurants, bars and cafes! What I love is that this region has it all and caters to everyone. There’s so much to see, do, and experience in Port, driven and represented by passionate and enthusiastic tour operators!

What an exciting honour to be able to represent all of these wonderful aspects of tourism through the Great Port Macquarie Tourism Association board.